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I was born in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, in 1954. I'm married to Charles Clement, an American from Connecticut, and I have two daughters, Vanessa and Lorena. I studied Computer Sciences at Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and Literature (translator/interpreter) at Paulista University - UNIP, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. I work at the National Research Institute for Amazonia - INPA in information technology, and as a translator in my free time.

Boys and girls from my country are like this! (Terra de Cunhantã e Curumim é Assim)


Clement, Rosa. 2002. Terra de Cunhantã e Curumim é Assim. Prefeitura Municipal de Manaus/Editora Valer. Série Valores da Terra. ISBN 85-7512-063-8.

My first poetry book is now published. The Vila Lobos Foundation, connected to our Manaus Municipal Culture Secretariat, organized a competition called "Values of Our Land". This project was created to motivate new musicians, artists, writers and poets to show their work more widely. In the literature area, 22 books were selected and my children's book, entitled "Terra de Curumim e Cunhantã é Assim" (Boys' and girls from my country are like this) was one of them. This book contains poems about animals and fruits of Amazonia. Unfortunately it doesn't contain illustrations, because none in the series has any, however, the reader, young or old, can imagine the colors and shapes that each poem requests. The jacket's flap is by the poet Anibal Beça and the book is published by Valer.



Confluence. Jenkins, Jerry H.; Clement, Rosa. 1999.

This anthology is a collaboration between my poet friend Jerry H. Jenkins and I. This little book came to life due to our mutual interest in nature, mythology and such. The meeting of the rivers Negro and Amazon gave the title for this book.

Jerry organized this book, and the binding was handcrafted by a skilled artisan who leaves in Louisville, KY. I thank them very much for being able to participate in such a beautiful book and achievement.

Absorbing Destruction


Absorbing Destruction. Rosa Clement, Deidra Suwanee Dees, Miller Newman, Pamela Kelly Phillips, Lala Ruiz, Tang Meixiu, Louise Platt, Chinwe Okechukwu, Cynthia Hatten, Alexis Brooks de Vita. 1999. Guild Press, Robbinsdale, MN.

Absorbing Destruction is beautiful anthology. It is a compilation of poems published in past anthologies by Guild Press (see below). I was invited to be a part of this anthology, along with 9 other female poets, by Mr. Leon Knight, editor and poet from Robbinsdale, MN. This anthology includes 15 of my poems: Debris, The Bear's Prayer, Piranhas, Mama, The Well, Refuge, An Angel, Shadow, Gipsy Words, A Little Sin, Sweet Oranges, Coffee Maker, Departure, Sunny Road, Seasons.

For a copy write to:

Guild Press,
P.O. Box 22583,
Robbinsdale, MN 555

Full Circle 20


Full Circle 20. Guild Press. 1999. Robbinsdale, MN. In: Rosa Clement, among 38 authors. Poems: Photography, Rainy Day, Cormorant, p. 26, 33, 61.

Full Circle 19


Full Circle 19. Guild Press. 1998. Robbinsdale, MN. In: Rosa Clement, among 43 authors. Poems: Debris, Mama, p. 44, 64.

Full Circle 18


Full Circle 18. Guild Press. 1997. Robbinsdale, MN. In: Rosa Clement, among 41 authors. Poems: Sweet Oranges, Shadow, p. 7, 50.

Just Remember


Just Remember. Guild Press. 1997. Robbinsdale, MN. In: Rosa Clement, among 43 authors. Poems: A Little Sin, Seasons, The Well, Gipsy Words, p. 5, 12, 33, 52.

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