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Legends from Amazonia

The Big Snake Legend
The Iurupari Legend
The Manioc Legend
The Guaraná Legend
The Pirarucu Legend
The Jurutaui Legend
The Vitória-Régia Legend
The Boto Legend


When I published my site for the first time, in 1995, the Amazonian legends were a must among the many topics that I intended to show to the world. At that time I lived in Hawaii and sources on the subject were scarce. Until that moment I didn´t know if there were sources on the Internet that stimulate my memories of such fascinating stories. That was when I tried to recompose the stories that my mother, aunts, teachers and neighbors told day after day, each one with its unique style.

Upon my return to Manaus, I tried to find more information and I discovered wonderful books, copies of teachers' and friends' notes, which allowed me to create this small collection of legends from the region where I was born. Again, the variations were many. Then I decided to compile a version of each legend, in the way I remembered them from when I was child, and make them part of my site.

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