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The JurutauiLegend


The Jurutauí (Nyctibius aethereus), also known as Urutau in Brazil, is a nocturnal bird. Here, its song is considered a bad omen. Similar birds are found in many places in the world.

The Legend

The Jurutauí was the bird with the most beautiful song in the forest and, because it sang so melodiously, it was truly admired by the other birds. One day the Jurutauí saw the moon shining splendidly and fell deeply in love with her. Then, to be heard by its muse, it flew to the highest tree to sing love songs through the night, filling the forest with the most devoted sounds.

The Jurutauí couldn't accept such a distance from its lover and flew higher and higher, trying to reach it. But the power of gravity could not be overcome. After a long struggle the Jurutauí fell straight to the ground. Dizzy, it tried to recover and sing its beautiful song, but only a strident and terrible screech came from its throat and echoed through the forest. The other birds surrounded the Jurutauí and mourned for the loss of the most beautiful birdsong in the forest. Now when the forest echoes with raucous and sad notes, everyone knows that it's because the Jurutauí is singing.

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