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The Iurupari Legend

During the period when the Amazon women existed, one of the Icamiabas (Amazon woman), fell madly in love with a very brave warrior. In her tribe the law was that, after a couple met, the woman should offer to him the sacred rock — the muiraquitã — and leave her lover forever.

So, the lovers were obliged to break up and remain away one from the other. Their separation caused to them so much suffering that Iurupari, the god of dreams, felt sorry and decided to soften their sadness. At nights, he joined them in their dreams, weaving hammocks of the prettiest feathers, bringing them closer and swinging them spiritually.

One day, the warrior, so in love with the Icamiaba woman who could see him only in dreams, decided to come closer to the Amazon women tribe. As he wandered, searching for his loved one, he was imprisoned by one of the Icamiabas. When he arrived at the longhouse, the irritated warrior women decided to sacrifice for his unexpected invasion. When night came, after a great silence in the longhouse, the woman he loved came to save his life, and asked him to run away, but he refused to do that and said:

-- I prefer to die rather than to dirty my warrior's honor, since I don't fear death.

Then, when the Icamiaba woman, saw that her suplications were in vain, she invoked Iurupari and, closing her eyes, she slept at the side of her warrior.

The next day, at dawn, the Icamiabas women found the two lovers dead in the hammock. "It was Iurupari! It was Iurupari!" cried out the scared Icamiabas. Then, beating strong palms with their hands and rattles, in a infernal howling, they tried to take their eyes from the flaming vision of Iurupari, who ran away with the morning light.

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