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Animals from A to Z

A is for ants aligning on the walls,
B is for beetles rolling funny balls.
C is for cats that run and catch a mouse,
D is for dogs that never guard the house.
E is for eagles stealing grandpa's fish,
F is for flies that swim in the dish.
G is for geckos showing only tails,
H is for hogs that mess the garden's trails.
I is for iguanas sunning on the 'sill,
J is for jackasses we pull up the hill.
K is for kangaroo-kids jumping on the bed,
L is for lice that sleep on children jeads.
M is for mosquitoes that sting your ear,
N is for nightingales we wish we could hear.
O is for owls that never see the sun,
P is for parrots cursing everyone.
Q is for quacks of noisy running ducks,
R is for roaches roving on the racks.
S is for spiders sleeping in your shoe,
T is for turtles turning into stew.
U is for ugh! when stepping on smelly mounds,
V is for vultures loitering around.
W is for worms that grandpa likes to catch,
X is for xtra-bones even hounds won't fetch.
Y is for yuck! when worms get your tome,
Z is to zoom each bug in this 'pome'.

© 1998 Rosa Clement